Where Bantam grows, there are no GMOs!

The idea is simple ... and everybody who has a farm, garden or balcony can participate. We plant the sweet corn variety Golden Bantam and save the seeds for distribution or replanting. As seed savers, we have the right to know exactly who grows GM-maize in our neighbourhood. Our maize has to be protected from genetic contamination, for example by pollen from GM-maize fields. We began the campaign in 2006, and today there are more than 60.000 activists planting Bantam and other open pollinating varieties! Everyone who participates sends us their location, and we record it in the Golden Bantam Map of Germany. Together we will turn Germany into gold! Where Bantam grows, there are no GMOs!

In 2009 we have extended the campaign to include flax/linseed: Bantam’s Blue Wonder! The genetically modified linseed "Triffid" (named after the plant monsters in the 50s horror film) was discovered in 2009 in 36 countries in bread and cereals, and led to large-scale recalls. Triffid had spread unnoticed into conventional seeds. Since then, all flax seeds from Canada must be tested for genetic contamination. This horror-story should be a lesson for us!

"Blue Wonder" is guaranteed GM-free and guarantees independence from potentially contaminated varieties of flax seeds from Canada. It is ideal as a green fertilizer, in cereals or as a beautiful addition to your garden.

We reclaim our right to sow and replant our saved seeds, and we urge the responsible Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture to maintain the ban on Mon810 and to vote against any further approvals of GM-plants in the EU Ag Council. Instead, they should promote the cultivation of open pollinating varieties in Germany, and gardeners as well as farmers should be protected against GMOs.

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